FortiVoice 中小企电话系统

FortiVoice IP-PBXs deliver the features of big business phone systems in a simple, compact and affordable package for your small business. Easy to install and easy to use, FortiVoice systems handle call answering, routing and messaging with simplicity and sophistication, allowing you to run your business while your system runs the phones.

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Product Name FortiVoice-40 FortiVoice-70 FortiVoice-100
Traditional Telephone Lines 2 4 8
Extension Capacity 40 70 100
VoIP lines 8 8 8
Remote Extensions 20 35 50
Auto Attendants 20 20 20
Memory Capacity 28 hours 28 hours 28 hours

FortiVoice SMB Phone Systems Features & Benefits

  • Auto attendants, ring groups, call cascades and more ensure your calls are always handled professionally and efficiently
  • Seamlessly integrates capacity for traditional phone lines and VoIP, giving you flexibility and cost control
  • Includes user-friendly Windows-based configuration software that gives you complete control over call handling
  • Integrates mobile workers, teleworkers and multiple locations for easy, cost-effective collaboration
  • Works with analog phones, IP phones or both: best with FortiFone phones, but also supports all standard analog phones and selected other IP phones
  • Available in 40, 70 or 100-extension capacities that can grow with your business. Maximum capacity is 400 phone users per location, in single or multiple locations


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