FortiFone-460i Telephone

 The FON-460i is a premium phone with 10 programmable, multicolored LED appearance keys (optionally expandable up to 34), superior audio quality speakerphone, dedicated headset support and more.

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Product Name FortiFone-460i
LCD Dimensions 240 x 42 pixels
Programmable Keys 10 multi-colored LED BLF keys
Headset Jack RJ22
Configuration TFTP, Browser
Signalling Protocol SIP (RFC 3261)
Codecs G.711a, G711u, G.729a
QoS 802.1p/q, ToS, Diffserv


FortiFone-460i Telephone Features & Benefits

  • Two 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet interfaces minimize LAN drops per desk.
  • PoE support (802.3af PD Class 2) eliminates the requirement of a power adapter.
  • Auto detection and provisioning with FortiVoice phone systems enables a quick and smooth setup process.
  • 10 programmable multicolored LED programmable appearance keys (expandable to 34 with optional expansion module) provide maximum flexibility for each user.
  • Dedicated headset support for use with any amplified headset with an RJ-22 connection.
  • Multilingual support (English, Spanish, French)

Also available: 50E module adds 12 LED keys.


免费电话 4006005255(中国)

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