FortiSandbox is an Advanced Threat Protection Appliance designed to identify and help customers thwart the highly targeted and tailored attacks that increasingly bypass traditional defenses and lurk within networks. Offering a unique dual-level Sandbox, inspection of all protocols in one appliance and optional integration with your existing FortiGateinfrastructure, FortiSandbox delivers highly effective protection against this emerging class of threats that is affordable to buy and simple to deploy and manage. Complement your established defenses with this cutting edge capability; analyzing suspicious and high risk files in a contained environment to uncover the full attack lifecycle. Rich threat intelligence, actionable insight and the option to share information with FortiGuard Labs in order to receive automated protection updates help organizations reduce the risk of compromise and breach.


Features and Benefits

  • Code emulation for operating environment-independent inspection
  • Secure virtual runtime environment to expose sophisticated threats
  • Multiple file-type support to inspect the highest risk objects
  • Integrated malicious code, URL and botnet intelligence to aid in pre-filtering and post analysis of threats
  • Rich reporting to speed remediation and updated protection



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