The FortiCache 1000D Web Caching solution accelerates the performance of small to medium-large enterprise, satellite and branch offices and educational networks. The FortiCache meets the needs of these networks by optimizing the application content delivery to the network and improving performance for the users.



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Product Name FortiCache-1000D
Total Network Interfaces 6 x 10/100/1000 RJ45 Ports (2x2 bypass), 2 x SFP Ports
Total Storage Capacity 8TB (4 x 2TB HDD)

FortiCache-1000D Features & Benefits

  • High performance, appliance based web caching
  • increases network performance and reduces bandwidth costs while minimizing latency and improving customer satisfaction
  • Enables you to optimize and accelerate the network by keeping as much traffic as possible “on net” and thus decrease the utilization of costly external connectivity
  • Video Content Awareness prevents viral content impacting the network by adapting caching policies for bandwidth-consuming video content
  • Reduced load on the network allows you to grow your network strategically not reactively and delay costly network upgrades
  • FortiGuard Web Filtering allows unwanted web content to be blocked from your network to protect your users and reduce risk to the organization.
  • Unlimited user count allows you to grow your network without incurring additional costs


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